Hope, Happiness and Mental health of Children in Sri Lanka

Our children are the future of the country. But they are also one of the most vulnerable for mental health issues. Especially when confined to their homes with not being able to go out and play with friends.

Swadeshi, a company with a track record for almost 80 years wanted to tackle this social issue head-on. Given the situation of the country at the time, a digitally-led campaign was ideal. So Swadeshi team called upon zMessenger, their digital partner to come up with a campaign. With zMessenger, Swadeshi’s team came up with the campaign #SpreadHopeStayHome.

The aim of the campaign was to engage with the younger audience. The ideal brand for this was Swadeshi’s Kohomba Baby brand. Because Kohomba Baby stands for protecting children with natural products. Keeping in line with the brand values, the teams created an art competition. The idea was children could submit their art and stand a chance to win. This would help the children express themselves through art even during the lockdown. Not only that, but it’s also proven that drawing will help improve the mental health of children.

Since it was an art competition for children, the entry requirements were simple. Kids could draw anything which promotes hope and positive thoughts amides coronavirus. But they had to include a rainbow in their masterpiece. This rule was added to stimulate creativity and problem-solving skills among children. Additionally, the rainbow depicts hope. The hope of getting back to normal after the pandemic.

Facebook was the chosen channel to run the campaign. Because after a market study, mothers were identified as the initiator. They would influence the children to take up the challenge. Thus all the marketing communications and creatives were targetted towards mothers. Additionally, all paid amplifications targetted mothers as well.

The campaign reached out to more than 212,000 mothers and managed with close to 45,000 children. When looking at entries many kids submit their masterpieces. Age ranging from 5 years up to 11 years while the average age of submissions were 6 years.

Creativity and originality were the main factors looked at selecting the winners. But it was no easy task for the expert panel to choose a winner among the submissions. Because almost all the submissions were creative and very original. Beyond what you expect from a 6 or 7-year-old.

Apart from encouraging to be creative, this campaign helped to understand the mental state of children. Another unexpected outcome. zMessenger showed these art to qualified child psychologists and they were all blown away by the creativity. Not only that they all agreed that these children who drew these punctures are in best mental state possible.

You can also have a look at these amazing submissions by clicking here.

Kohomba baby along with zMessenger is planning to conduct more initiatives as such. And the core of any campaign is to help and uplift the children in the country.