Mangala draws parallels between child ordinations and child soldiers

Former Minister Mangala Samaraweera today slammed the practice of child ordinations as young Buddhist monks in Sri Lanka.

In a social media post, the former Minister equalled child ordinations to child soldiers as used by the LTTE and child brides of the Taliban.

“Young girls and boys ordained as bikkhus; as shocking and unacceptable as tiger child soldiers and taliban child brides. A scandalous violation of the rights of a child,” he tweeted.

Samaraweera posted an image on Facebook of a child being ordained as a Buddhist monk.

The former United National Party Parliamentarian has come under attack in the past over comments he made with regards to Buddhism and Buddhist monks. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. I agree with Mr Samaraweera, and let me shed some light on what this about:

    Child ordinations not aligned with the teachings of Buddha. It is a rule in vinaya-pitaka which was enacted during the feudal years of Sri Lanka. Today, there is no such thing as (bottom feeding) marginalized socio-economic class of people in this nation. There are no classes of people that are on dire-straits.

    The tyrannically powerful establishment of Buddhist temples is not “centered” upon the buddhist monks or Child ordinations. The ordained children are only porns that make an ever growing force of a buddhist army. The system is actually centered upon the following. There are powerful families, businesses, politicians, and people that are behind the scenes that is like an “invisible hand” that makes things happen. The head priests of most of these temples come from specially selected families. Say the least advancement in the temple for a lower level monk is unlikely. The lower level monks never see the light of day, there is a systemic nature in the society in seclusion of monks. This is like a prison sentence.

    It is a mockery in itself, and child ordinations should not be considered as a path to a better life.

    Consider my comment as first-hand experience. Being a monk and losing the best days of life is an awful awful thing. Especially in this day of age.

  2. Late Ven. Madihe Pannasiha is a close relative of this idiot. His statement is a great dishonour to the well respected Thera. I too believe that he is of unsound mind, always with an axe to grind.
    We shall not miss this dopey.

  3. Agree. This is not the culture of the ‘Theravada’ Buddhist order we saw in 1950’s, during the survival period, the ‘true teachings’ which many forest monastics tried and revived . I see this as a preparation for another regiment of the ‘Virathu’s Racist Clan’.

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