Muslims in Sri Lanka permitted to conduct prayers five times

The Wakfs Board of Sri Lanka has permitted Muslims to conduct Imam Jamaths and Jummah prayers five times with effect from yesterday (13.06.2020).

The Department Of Muslim Religious and Cultural Affairs said that all other conditions imposed by the Wakfs Board of Sri Lanka by its directives issued on 03.06.202O and 11.06.2020 will remain in effect and unchanged until further notice.

Earlier, in keeping with the government decision to permit all places of worship to be open from 12.06.2020, the Wakfs board of Sri Lanka at its meeting held on 11.06.2020 decided to permit all mosques to be open for individual prayers from 12.06.2020 subject to all conditions specified in the Wakfs board directives dated 03.06.2020.

As the Government has permitted a maximum of 50 persons at time, the earlier limit of 30 was increased to a maximum of 50.

As per the Government decision, in the event the premises within which the prayers are to be offered is smaller in size, only 50% of the capacity of such premises shall be permitted. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Porumainin Vettri – Allahutaalaawin Theeripu, ALHAMDULILLAH.
    May AllMighty Allah bless the Muslim community to follow the “REGULATIONS” strictly and not end up with the authorities messing it up. The ACJU should follow the instructions “EXTREMELY” and advice all Ulema to abide by the regulations when conducting all forms of prayers. The ACJU should NOT try to “AMEND” these regulations and try to make seperate “ANNOUNCEMENTS”and should “JUST KEEP AWAY” from Mosque, Ulema and Jamath politics, Insha Allah. That will be very “healthy” for the Muslim community, Insha Allah.
    Noor Nizam – Conveber “The Muslim Voice”


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