Hameedia kickstarts work in the ‘new normal’

Hameedia, the leading menswear and fashion brand last Monday, 01 June, held a special programme to welcome its staff after the prolonged period of quarantine. The ‘Beyond Covid-19’ program’s primary focus was to motivate employees to think beyond the pandemic and to bounce back higher with renewed energy and greater ambitions.

Having already launched its Envoy and Le Bond face masks as a social service initiative, the team came up with a new approach called –  ‘Company First, Function Second’. This means that all staff will work together as one team instead of being categorised department-wise. This parallely enables employees to have a clearer perspective about goals and objectives by focusing on the ultimate outcome.

CEO, Retail Marketing, Niroshan De Silva said “If we apply all the lessons learnt during this pandemic to better ourselves, then we truly have begun a new norm. We all got the chance to pause and reflect on our lives, families and our future. It is thus imperative to work harder than before and support each other in our quest to succeed as one entity. More importantly, we also have to contribute our utmost towards the development of our society.”

In keeping with the current situation, Hameedia also established a Food Bank Project. This is a platform for the sale of vegetables and in collaboration with the My Friend Foundation where all profits will be funded towards the academic requirements of underprivileged children.

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a disastrous economic impact on farmers across Sri Lanka. With loans to pay and families to feed, most of them have been unable to sell their produce and are in the downward debt spiral.

This project is also about helping farmers too during these trying times. Hameedia purchases fresh vegetables from these farmers and re-sells them at affordable prices, where again; all profits go out to support the education of underprivileged children.

Hameedia also encourages the public to grow vegetables at home wherever possible since it helps to make a significant change at domestic level. At another level, due to economic reasons, a lot of people have also begun to skip meals. In collaboration with the Food Bank, Hameedia has parallel begun an initiative where it sells cooked meals at an affordable price to those having difficulty in cooking their own meals or not being able to afford that much. The meals are freshly prepared every day and available for delivery through Yoho Mart on 01173 444 444 or via the Yoho Life App.

This project was launched by the Chief Guest, Chairman of Fantasia Narrow Fabrics Pvt Ltd, Hameed Ashraff. “I am an ardent believer in offering charity to alleviate the lives of those who have limited or no access to resources. It is a blessing to give to those in need,” Mr. Ashraff affirmed.

Customers can order their vegetables via WhatsApp on 0773 744 503 or through Facebook and Instagram by dropping a message. Free delivery within Colombo city limits. All proceeds will go to support the education of underprivileged children.

Managing Director of Hameedia Group, Fouzul Hameed said “During this lockdown, I hope all of us have learnt to utilise our time and skills in the best way possible. Our Company has reached a peak in clothing with customers who closely follow fashion trends, since they know that we never compromise on quality, nor do not sell products that have no value”.

Deputy Managing Director of the fashion brand Hussain Sadique said, “This pandemic has left an indelible mark in its wake. It can help us to grow immeasurably as human beings by supporting the less fortunate. Hence, the value given to the My Friend Foundation which enables us to support the educational aspirations of the under privileged children. This is an independent project which will be sustainable. Our vision is not merely to be famous for our unique fashion brand but also to encompass all areas of life and infuse society with love and compassion for our fellow human beings.”



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