DTW International in partnership with UPL Limited donates high tech ULV fogging equipment to the Infectious Disease Hospital of Sri Lanka

DTW International (Pvt) Ltd (DTW) in partnership with UPL Limited (UPL) donated a high tech ULV fogging equipment to combat the COVID-19 pandemic in response to the immediate need at the Infectious Disease Hospital (IDH) of Sri Lanka, the main nerve centre of treating COVID-19 patients in Sri Lanka.

The companies responded to a request for high tech ULV equipment for the IDH by former Army Commander General Daya Ratnayake (Retd.), who is the Chairperson of the Sri Lanka Ports Authority (SLPA) and a member of the Presidential Task Force on COVID-19. As the primary treatment centre for the Coronavirus pandemic in Sri Lanka, the medical personnel and staff of the IDH, and the members of the tri-force assisting them; have gone above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that all patients are treated effectively. The hospital has also extended assistance and guidance to other medical facilities in the forefront of the country’s battle against the pandemic.

Therefore, DTW together with UPL stepped forward to perform their duty by the country, equipping the hospital with a high tech ULV equipment especially designed for indoor ultra-low volume applications through this donation. The companies intend to equip IDH Hospital with the best available ULV technology to further strengthen their heroic task of protecting Sri Lanka from this invisible enemy. These units are presently being used globally in the battle against COVID-19 enabling public health workers to undertake disinfection in hotels, hospitals, office spaces, malls, and public transport spaces in the most efficient way.

DTW International (Pvt) Ltd has been providing supply solutions to Agri and Public Health Sector industry verticals in strategic partnership with UPL for over two decades. DTW also provides strategic supply solutions to few more industry verticals. UPL Limited headquartered in India is the 5th largest Crop Protection Input manufacturing company in the world with fast growing presence in innovative environmental protection inputs. This partnership has offered many innovative solutions in the agriculture and public health sector space. The introduction of the ‘Guarany’ high tech ULV equipment with state-of-the-art US technology, can be identified as one such instance. DTW has successfully been supplying these ULV units to public health sector professionals, and various government and private entities to well equip their battle against COVID-19.

The electrically operated Cold Fill Nebulizer with an integrated 4 litre tank make it an ideal solution for disinfection of indoor areas. Alternately, the high powered P2ULV back pack unit with a 6 litre capacity, boasts of a robust spraying technology enabling a maximum reach, making it an ideal option for small and confined outdoor areas. The P2ULV back pack is fully compliant with the requirements of the World Health Organisation’s ‘Equipment for vector control specification guidelines (WHO/HTM/NTD/WHOPES/2010.9) revised edition 2010’.


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