Sri Lankan Embassy in Abu Dhabi assures expatriate community

The Embassy of Sri Lanka in Abu Dhabi together with Sri Lanka Consulate General’s Office in Dubai informed the Sri Lankan expatriate community that they are working tirelessly and diligently with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Relations in UAE (MOFAIC), the Ministry of Foreign Relations in Sri Lanka and other Government Departments to expedite the return of Sri Lankans at the earliest.

However, the Embassy of Sri Lanka in Abu Dhabi said that there is a serious escalation of imported Covid-19 cases in Sri Lanka, specifically from the Middle Eastern region and as a result officials in Sri Lanka with the directions and recommendations from the Health Authorities have come up with a new methodology for repatriation.

“Still, we are waiting for final approval from MOFAIC to our new proposal. As soon as the necessary approvals and assistance are finalized, we will resume the repatriation of our brothers and sisters,” the Embassy said.

The Embassy said that their priority selection criteria for each repatriation flight will be on the basis of pregnant women, senior citizens, people with serious medical conditions who need urgent attention (need a doctor’s note) and other various categories such as terminated, resigned, unpaid leave expired visas etc.

The Embassy urged community members who are looking forward to going back to Sri Lanka to be patient for their turn by considering protecting their health and safety as well as citizens of Sri Lanka. (Colombo Gazette)


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