Popular vlogger regrets decision to promote Sajith

Popular vlogger Ashen Senarathna has expressed regret over his decision to promote Sajith Premadasa at the last Presidential election as a result of which he lost everything he had.

In a Facebook Post, Senarathna said that he did not make a cent by openly backing Premadasa and eventually had to close to popular YouTube channel.

During the Presidential election campaign Senarathna confronted musician Iraj Weeraratne who supported Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s bid to be elected President.

Senarathna said that his Facebook page had been hacked and attempts were made to damage the popularity of his YouTube channel.

The young vlogger had made an open challenge saying he will delete his popular channel if Premadasa loses the Presidential election.

After Premadasa lost Ashen Senarathna’s channel went off YouTube and he himself was not heard of.

He claims that he has only Rs. 50,000 in his bank account and lost everything he had after working so hard to build his own brand.

In his Facebook post Senarathna says he is now in the UK to complete his studies and start a new journey in his life. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. “Sabbe Sankhara Anichcha”
    My dear child,
    You should be proud of yourself for not approving the actions of a group of murderers, fraudsters and drug dealers. By helping ‘Sajith P’, you have only shared your feelings and taken the middle path. You will be admired by the future generations for your courage, hard work and desire to help the poor & the needy.
    I see a very prosperous, happy & a peaceful young entrepreneur from Silly Lanka emerging after a few years in the UK.
    You haven’t lost anything as you owned nothing and will not in the future neither.
    “නේතඃ මම, නේතෝ හමස්මි, න-මේසෝ අත්ථා”

  2. With only 50,000/- in your Bank how can you manage living in UK, leave alone financing your studies there? Have you got some invaluable tips from our well-known economist and now Minister Bandula Gunaeardane, who propounded the theory of living with 2,500/- for a family??

  3. More than the article comments made me laugh… it seems we have a segment of people who think UNP/SJB is the ultimate path to liberation !! poor souls …


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