Ombudsman appointed to address public grievances

An Ombudsman office has been created at the Presidential Secretariat to look into complaints and grievances of the public and provide speedy solutions, the President’s Media Division said.

Retired Senior Deputy Inspector General of Police S. M. Wickremasinghe has been appointed to the post.

The objective of setting up an Ombudsman Office is to provide solutions to any inconvenience or distress caused to the public as a result of negligence of public officers or acting beyond their limit while exercising their administrative powers.

The office is located on 3rd Floor, Old Standard Chartered Bank Building, Janadhipathi Mawatha, Colombo 1.

The public has the opportunity to submit their complaints or grievances in person by visiting the office or they can forward their issues by post addressed to “Ombudsman, Presidential Secretariat, Colombo 1”.

The public can reach the office through the telephone/ fax no. 011 2338073 or sending an e mail to

Ombudsman S. M. Wickremasinghe says the public also can complain about large scale drug trafficking which causes disruption to the civilian life, damages to the environment and any other illegal activity to him. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Clearly, the government servants are not looking after the people. How many Ombudsman the country needs to hear the complaints of 22 million people? Obviously, limited resources but too many people, therefore people will cheat, this is inevitable. Proper family planning according to their incomes will help. Children are learning to cheat at schools, because the schools teachers cheat at schools to make extra money at tuitions. Teachers should teach children how important being honest by teaching properly during the school hours. In South Asia cheating inbuilt automatically during the school life. Plus people are encouraged to have more children in the name of democracy and religious freedom, at the same time asking them not to cheat is unrealitic. Fixing Sri Lanka will take generations, President can’t fix it by appointing an Ombudsman. It is still better than nothing, but the President should not expect a miracle.


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