Minimum age of employment to be raised to 16

The minimum age of employment is to be raised to 16 years by amending local labour laws.

The amendment is to be done simultaneously to mark World Day Against Child Labour on June 20,2020.

Cabinet approval was granted to amend the labour laws to increase the minimum age
of employment to 16 years to comply with the compulsory schooling age to ensure that all
children in the country are entitled to the privileges and rights as per the International
convention on Rights of the child.

Accordingly, the Shop and Office Employees (Regulation of Employment and Remuneration)
Act No. 19 of 1954 (Cap 129), Employment of Women, Young Persons and Children Act No 47 of 1956, (Cap 135) Minimum Wages (Indian Labour) ordinance amendment Act, Factories Ordinance No 45 of 1942 and Orders published in Extraordinary Gazette dated 31.10.1958 in accordance with the provisions of the Employees Provident Fund Act No.15 of 1958 will be amended. (Colombo Gazette)


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