Information sought on misuse of President’s name

The President’s office has sought information on the misuse of President Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s name to put pressure on State institutions.

The President’s office said that information has come to light where some individuals use the President’s name or forge his signature and attempt to get their work done at State institutions.

Some individuals visit the State institutions in person and demand attention from the officials claiming they have the consent of the President.

The President has observed that issues faced by the public must be addressed by State institutions by following the proper procedure, the President’s office said.

The President’s office said that any information on the misuse of the President’s name can be conveyed to the President’s office via 0112354479 or 0112354354. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Cheap methods of publicity and escape route when things go wrong? Whom are you trying to hoodwink?. You haven’t learned much while in the US obviously. Ha…Ha…Ha….

  2. Perhaps people lost their patience and used the President’s signature to get things done. People could have used the signature to obtain food or Rs 5000 payment during the COVID 19 lockdown. Only proper inquiries will reveal the truth. Sometimes people have to cross their lines to deal with corrupt officials.


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