Court bans protest in Colombo against China

By Indika Sri Aravinda

A court order has been issued against a protest scheduled to be staged in Colombo this week against the Chinese Government.

The Police had obtained the court order against the National Movement for Consumer Rights Protection from staging the protest on 8, 9, 10 or 11th June in Colombo.

Health officials had been alerted over the protest scheduled to be staged near the Chinese Embassy in Colombo this week.

The protest was being organised by the National Movement for Consumer Rights Protection.

Chairman of the National Movement for Consumer Rights Protection Ranjith Vithanage told the Colombo Gazette that the protest was to be staged on 10 June demanding compensation for Sri Lanka from China for the economic loss suffered as a result of the coronavirus.

Vithanage said that they have a right to protest despite the coronavirus pandemic which is affecting Sri Lanka.

However, he said that as there are guidelines issued by the Health Ministry the National Movement for Consumer Rights Protection has alerted the health authorities and sought their opinion with regards to the scheduled protest.

He said that public health inspectors had also been requested to be present and monitor the protest.

Vithanage said that they had however been issued a court order today (Monday) against staging the protest. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Ranjith Vithanage should build factories and create jobs instead of following the West for easy money based on a systematic propaganda. Four out of five countries of the Five Eyes were invaded on genocide to expand the white race and also to live an easy life by selling the resources to others. South Asians don’t have their own strategy to come up. They don’t follow the West and invade other countries for resources, but merely take orders from the Westerners.


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