Police claim most wanted criminal killed in shootout

The Police claimed that a most wanted criminal has been killed in a shootout in Minuwangoda.

The suspect, identified as ”Gona-Kovile Raja’ was killed in a confrontation with the Police.

He was the main suspect wanted over the attack on a restaurant in Soysapura, Moratuwa recently.

The Police said that the suspect had also been wanted over several other crimes. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Let us clean up the country from drugs, thugs, conmen, and the underworld criminals. GR is the only man to who can get to grips with the menace. Also we need to monitor the corrupt officials who are sheltering these criminals even in the Prisons.

  2. We are unable to eradicate the underworld because some law enforcement officials are in their payroll. Regret to mention that few MPs in the so called ‘Yahapalana’ are also involved. Unless we tackle these from the ‘Top End’, it will be a losing battle.
    Recent news about discovering drugs and mobile phones with a prisoner is evidence of collaboration. Money laundering comes to mind !


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