Gammanpila says “some minorities in Sri Lanka blow at majority”

Former Parliamentarian Udaya Gammanpila says some minorities in Sri Lanka not only breathe but also blow at the majority.

He made the comment on twitter which drew strong condemnation from several people on social media.

Gammanpila said that an example for his remark were the Easter Sunday attacks, the Aranthalawa massacre, Gonawala Massacre and the attack on the Temple of the Tooth in Kandy.

His tweet said: “Some” minorities in Sri Lanka not only breathe but also blow at the majority. Eg #EasterSundayAttack #AranthalawaMassacre #GonawalaMassacre #AttackOnTempleOfToothRelic and thousands of many more such attacks @USAmbSLM

Terrorist and extremist groups had been accused of being involved in the attacks referred to by the former Parliamentarian. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Sri Lanka is only country that Minority Race of Tamil nationalist and Muslim or Islam religion Terrorist are playing high hand which role against majority community in world .
    Both of illegal immigrate of Ethnic Tamils (homeland in Tamil Nadu) and Religion of Islam-extremist are an opposed in coming Preliminary and Parliamentary elections .
    They ( TNA +MC )seek Gun Rule system of junta rule by hand in hand with UNP and JVP of south Terrorist ? That was they done in 2015 Jan 8th to 2019 November 16th by rule of by UNP administration. Which Rule of Law by Junta alliances.
    We are a democratic nation that governance by ballots not by that Gun-point Bullets .
    We are rule by modern politics of Democracy of Free Elections and accepted Sovereignty of Voice by Voting to be elected members of Representative order of Democracy. That is nature of Sri Lankan democracy work on

    • However, not nearly as much suffering and terror as that the majority ethnic population in this country has caused the minorities of this country for decades and ,in a rather cowardly way, continue to do so still. That is still a gross under statement.
      As long as the “Camilla”s, the “Karaliyada”s and the “Gammapila”s exist in abundance to promote ignorance and racism in a cowardly backhanded manner by presenting a distorted, inaccurate picture of this country’s history and even the current state of affairs, systemic racism against the minorities will continue particularly in those regions where minorities are concentrated.

  2. Let gets things in perspective. In areas where the minority races are the majority, sinhalese suffered and still are.

    • Perspectives should be based on facts, not racist propaganda.
      North and Northeast are heavily militarized and predominantly policed by Singhalese police personnel. Elsewhere in the country, there have been occasional communal events where when minorities are attacked, the police and military standby looking on.


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