Penumbral lunar eclipse witnessed in Sri Lanka

The penumbral lunar eclipse, also known as the ‘strawberry moon eclipse’ was witnessed in parts of Sri Lanka yesterday (Friday).

However, the full effect of the strawberry moon eclipse was not visible to Sri Lanka.

Lunar eclipses occur on full moon days when the Earth comes between the Sun and the Moon, which results in obstructing some or all of the Sun’s light from reaching the Moon.

The eclipse began at 11.15 p.m on Friday night, Sri Lanka standard time with the Moon entering the penumbra of the earth’s shadow (less dark shadow) and ended at 2.34 a.m. on 6th morning.

Meanwhile, the annular solar eclipse will be clearly visible to Sri Lanka on 21st June 2020, the Director of Astronomy and Space Science Unit, Department of Physics, Colombo University, Professor Chandana Jayaratne said.

He said the annular solar eclipse will be visible to Sri Lanka as a partial solar eclipse from 10.29 a.m. to 1.19 p.m on 21st June 2020. (Colombo Gazette)

Pictures by Sihan Farook


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