Sri Lankan returnees from Qatar, Bangladesh contract virus

Sri Lankan returnees from Bangladesh and Qatar were among the coronavirus patients detected in Sri Lanka yesterday (Wednesday), the Government said.

The Government information department said that the total number of coronavirus patients detected in Sri Lanka rose to 1749 yesterday (Wednesday).

Of them, 66 were detected yesterday which included 19 Sri Lankan returnees from Qatar, 14 from Bangladesh and two from Kuwait.

The remaining coronavirus patients detected yesterday were Navy officers. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. I think ‘Gothaya’ is going after the SL Navy in revenge for exposing the ‘Avant Guarde’ criminal activity with ‘Sena- adipathi’, (not the Sena Dalambuwa but Nikan kana). or is it just the SL Navy doing the job of looking after the citizens?. Could be the 200 Kg of ‘Heroine’ caught by the SL Navy which was due to provide the funds for the desperate ‘election spending funds’.
    It is also strange for a young, healthy and well qualified officer of the Navy to die of a heart attack soon after the catch. Did he locate & provide vital information regarding the vessel and it’s location?. Wake up Silly Lankans. These fraudsters & murderes have no place on this planet to hide anymore. Big brother is watching you 24/7
    “Dammo Haway Rakkathi Dammachaaree”.


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