Another leopard found trapped in a snare dies

By Vyshnavy Velrajh

Another leopard found trapped in a snare has died, Wildlife officials said.

Director General of the Department of Wildlife Conservation M.G.C. Sooriyabandara told the Colombo Gazette that the animal was found on a private land in Neluwa today.

The animal, which is not a black leopard, was found based on information given by Forest Officers in the area, he said.

A post-mortem on the leopard is to be conducted at the location.

Sooriyabandara further said legal action will be taken against the owners of the private land, following which further investigations will be carried out based on Court orders.

A rare black leopard that was injured after being trapped in a snare in Nallathanniya, Hatton died recently while another leopard was also found trapped in a snare later.

Officials have already said they hope to tighten laws against the use of snares. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. As the main strategy to revive the economy, the President had informed that he is targeting high end tourists, at the same time not doing enough to protect the wildlife.

    People come to Sri Lanka to watch the beautiful wildlife. If you kill those animals nobody would come to Sri Lanka to spend money. Basically you are killing the tourism industry and you are destroying your own livelihood.

    Protecting the wild life is far more important tham protecting the criminals. This concept is not too hard to understand, but the Sri Lankan leaders’ educational standard makes it harder to understand basic fundamentals.

  2. It will be a protest if Rosy is behind the killing of wild animals. Welcome to the South Asian democracy, every move has a political motivation.

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