Section of Mount Lavinia artificial beach washed away

By Indika Sri Aravinda

A section of the newly constructed artificial beach is Mount Lavinia has been washed away.

Sea erosion has resulted in part of the sand just recently filled being washed away.

However, Coast Conservation Department (CCD) Director General (DG) Prabath Chandrakeerithi said the erosion was expected.

Chandrakeerithi said that the sand has been washed away to other areas and this was expected as part of the project.

He said that while people are reacting with shock and claiming that public funds have gone to waste, it was expected that part of the sand will be washed away to other areas.

Chandrakeerithi said that the sand which was washed away will move with the water and collect at Wellawatta and Dehiwala creating part of the stretch of the artificial beach.

An artificial beach stretching 2 km is being made in Kalutara’s Calido Beach, 1 ½ km along the Ratmalana-Angulana stretch, and 500 m in Mount Lavinia at a cost of Rs. 890 million.

800,000 m3 of sand is being dredged for this project; 300,000 m3 for Calido Beach, 350,000 m3 for the Ratmalana-Angulana stretch, and 150,000 m3 for Mount Lavinia.

The CCD said the project was necessary to control erosion. However environmentalists have raised serious concerns over the project. (Colombo Gazette)

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