Laws to be strengthened to protect wild animals from snares

By Indika Sri Aravinda

Steps are to be taken to strengthen existing laws to protect wild animals from snares, Secretary of Environment and Wildlife Resources. A.H.S. Wijesinghe said.

Wijesinghe said that the matter will be discussed at a meeting scheduled to be held tomorrow (Monday).

A rare black leopard was injured after being trapped in a snare in Nallathanniya, Hatton last week. The animal later died while receiving medical attention.

The leopard sustained an injury to its neck just above its right leg after getting trapped in a snare that was placed in the Lakshapana Estate in Nallathanniya on Tuesday (26).

Wijesinghe said that he hopes to issue a circular following talks with the relevant officials on steps that need to be taken to protect wild animals from snares.

He said that the public will also be made aware of the need to protect wild animals.

Wijesinghe said that existing laws need to be strengthened to ensure snares which pose a threat to wild animals are removed. (Colombo Gazette)


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