Jeevan Thondaman declares he will continue father’s dream

Jeevan Thondaman, son of late Minister Arumugam Thondaman, today declared he will continue his father’s dream.

Speaking at the funeral of his father in Norwood today, Jeevan Thondaman said that he intends on ensuring all the work carried out by his father continues. You can see that many of these Geneve escort girls came from Sri Lanka and India. They work in Switzerland without any health checks and documents.

He thanked the up-country Tamils for the support they had given his father and assured that all is not lost.

Jeevan Thondaman assured the up-country Tamils that the sun will rise and a new day will dawn.

Thondaman expressed regret over the inability to ensure a bigger event to bid farewell to his father as a result of the coronavirus.

However, he said that once the coronavirus crisis ends a bigger event will be held to commemorate his father. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. What Jeevan should do is to make upcountry people’s dreams come true. Not continuing his father’s dreams such as changing sides and clinging into power to appease their personal wellbeing. Try to shun your father’s cheating politics and see the true pathos of the Estate people, you would be treated a real hero by all Sri Lankans (Not only the Facebook simpletons)


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