ICTA board member resigns over differences of opinion

A board member of the Information and Communication Technology Agency (ICTA), Sanjiva Weerawarana has resigned.

Weerawarana said that he had resigned following differences of opinion with the Chairman and the board.

“Differences of opinion amongst professionals is normal. That does not mean one is perfectly right and the other is perfectly wrong. For me personally, I decided that its best for me to leave rather than attempt to do something in a manner that I don’t believe will result in success,” he said in a blog post.

He said that when he joined the board the consensus was that the board members would actively get involved with various areas and work closely with the appropriate team members from ICTA to get those areas done as well as to recruit the right team to go forward with.

However, he says somewhere along the way the Chairman and board decided that the board members should be more “board member” type and limit themselves to review various things etc. and be providing governance and oversight for the organization.

Weerawarana was appointed to the board in December last year. (Colombo Gazette)



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