Foreign Ministry denies allegations on medical treatment for envoy in UK

The Sri Lankan Foreign Ministry has denied allegations with regards to the medical treatment for Sri Lanka’s envoy in the UK.

The Foreign Ministry said in a statement that the attention of the Ministry has been drawn to news reports appearing in some newspapers and websites with allegations against the present High Commissioner in the UK, regarding her medical treatment.

The Ministry wishes to clarify that the procedure and the payment of related expenses in this instance had been approved by the Ministry, in accordance with Ministry Circulars, established procedures and based on precedents, including with respect to such treatment received in third countries.

All Government officials contribute to a medical scheme ‘Agrahara’ which they can avail of in Sri Lanka. Similarly, a medical scheme is extended to all home-based officers appointed by the Government of Sri Lanka to Missions abroad, within which the case under reference was granted approval to proceed with an essential medical procedure.

It is regretted that public officials who cannot engage with media on personal matters, are maligned and subject to violations of their privacy, including attacks on critical medical issues, as in this case. (Colombo Gazette)


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