Harin sends letter of demand to Iraj

Former United National Party (UNP) Parliamentarian Harin Fernando has sent a letter of demand to musician Iraj Weeraratne, a day after Weeraratne had sent a letter of demand to the former Minister.

Fernando tweeted saying he has sent a letter of demand through Weeraratne and once the proposed action is concluded whatever damages he may get will go to a fund to assist the coronavirus victims.

Yesterday, in a letter sent by Weeraratne’s lawyers the musician accused Fernando of making defamatory claims at a recent media briefing.

He also accused Fernando of making false claims with regards to a controversial video circulating on social media.

Weeraratne had demanded that Fernando immediately cease making defamatory claims against him and provide a written assurance in this regard within 14 days.

If Fernando fails to comply Weeraratne has threatened to take legal action and seek monetary damages. (Colombo Gazette)


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