Amended MRP announced for rice

The Consumer Affairs Authority (CAA) has announced Maximum Retail Prices (MRP) for rice effective from today.

Accordingly, 1 Kg of Nadu rice has been priced at Rs. 96 and the MRP for 1 Kg of Samba has been set at Rs. 98.

Meanwhile, 1 Kg of Rathu Kakulu has been priced at Rs. 93, 1Kg of Sudu Kakulu at Rs. 93 and 1 Kg of Keeri Samba at Rs. 120. 

The Government yesterday announced that the MRP on rice sold in the market has been revised.

A MRP was imposed on rice in April and it was revised yesterday.

The new MRP was Rs 96 for a kilo of Nadu, Rs 98 for a kilo of Samba and Rs 125 for a kilo of Keeri Samba. 

However, the Government once again revised the MRP announced yesterday with new prices coming into effect from today. (Colombo Gazette)



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