Round Table Sri Lanka steps up commitment towards helping the daily wage earners

Currently with the outbreak of Covid-19, where fellow Sri Lankan’s were on a lockdown to prevent the spread of the disease, RTSL through its Table associations, namely, Negombo Round Table 7 (NRT7) and Colombo Tuskers Round Table 8 (CTRT8), identified 2500 families whose breadwinners were daily wage earners. The organization provided them with rations to last for over 2 weeks, to help them get through these challenging times. RTSL together with NRT7 and CTRT 8 would like to take this opportunity to thank each and everyone of its well wishers, the Tri forces, The police and all its supporters who contributed towards this project.

“We had many requests for rations and other food items from many families, for which we did our best to support at this time of need. We are lucky and thankful to have a great support system within our tabling community that always rallies around and supports us with just a simple message being posted in a group where we are able to raise funding through our members as well as through generous well-wishers who have always supported the various charity initiatives of ours” said Tr. Randhike Cooray, the National Community Service convener of Round Table Sri Lanka.

Tablers have always been at the forefront of overcoming crisis situations and this time too, many are working tirelessly. At this very moment many of them are at the forefront in their respective fields driving positivism through the veins of our country driving forward industries from Finance, Insurance, Trading, Construction, logistics and transportation, Tea, Technology, Legal, Farming to Medical and many more.

Established in 1994, Round Table Sri Lanka celebrates 25 years of Tabling in Sri Lanka and currently is preparing for expansions in Jaffna and in Kandy. It was encouraging to see the prospects of Jaffna working together with the Tablers in Colombo to support the families affected by the pandemic in Jaffna. As seen from the efforts taken by Round Table members during the Easter attacks of 2019 and the floods in the preceding years, they are swift to be at the frontlines or joining hands with those providing support services to the nation during times of crisis.

Tr. Tharindu Ameresekere the current President of Round table Sri Lanka, on behalf of the Tabling community of the country, sincerely thanked the two tables Negombo RT7 and Colombo Tuskers RT8 for undertaking this endeavor.


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