Sri Lankan preacher under fire for making comments seen as political

Controversial Sri Lankan preacher Pastor Jerome Fernando has come under fire on social media for making comments seen as being political.

The comments appeared on his Instagram account where he seemed to be backing US President Donald Trump.

On his Instagram post Fernando says “No matter your leadership prowess , No matter the validity , No matter the Wins , No matter the history of success , You can’t win all the VOTES. In Leadership we learn to lead with the Majority. This is why I like @realdonaldtrump ! (I AM NOT A POLITICIAN AND I AVOID POLITICS). Those who are for you are much more than those who are against you. So I wish to encourage a Leader somewhere in our hurting world. Don’t give up , Don’t give in ! Lead your organization , Lead whilst you bleed , Lead your teams and your family. Lead them all whom God has entrusted to your care”.

On the Instagram post Fernando is seen wearing a cap which says “President Trump 2020. Keep America Great”.

President Trump will be seeking reelection at the US Presidential election later this year.

On another post on Instagram, Pastor Fernando says “The scripture call us to pray for those in authority so we can live a life of peace. Thank you H.E @gotabayar our President for His exemplary leadership during times of uncertainty. Today Sri Lanka 🇱🇰 is slowly but surely Making plans to return to normalcy and many of us share in this as beneficiaries looking forward to greater and brighter days. This is Leadership”.

The post carries an image of President Gotabaya Rajapaksa. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. It’s his God given right to hold a political opinion ! Let’s be reminded that Ps. Jerome doesn’t need the approval of Christians, church or the corrupt media out there to exercise freedom of speech. In fact church leaders that don’t have strong convictions about people and their governments are not servants of God at all. They are fake. The Bible is all about the Government of the World that was, is and is to come! So pls don’t ask your pastors to keep out of politics because Politics is God’s number one business!

  2. Mmmm, while I may have my own views on the pastor and his style of preaching, I do not see any Issues with what he has said in this instance.
    Pretty disappointed in Sri Lankan media of recent times though. You have real issues in the country to report on. Please find some real news.

  3. Trust.. every one has a right to express views as long as you do not encouurage religious/ racial/ political extremisum, violence, division, terrorisum and does does not use abusive and deregroty language.
    Constructive critisisum and logical appreciatiation should be entertained..

      • Pasta has all the rights to hold on to any sticks.
        But the sheep behind them will be indirectly influenced to hold on to the same stick without analysing personally.

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