Homagama cricket stadium project suspended

The Homagama cricket stadium project has been suspended following talks held at the Prime Minister’s Office today.

Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa headed a discussion on the proposed stadium with former cricketers, officials and other stakeholders.

The project had been initiated when Mahinda Rajapaksa was President but was later suspended.

The proposed international cricket stadium will initially have a seating capacity of 40,000 and will be able to host day and night matches.

Under the second stage, the stadium will have an additional 20,000 seating capacity, taking the total seating capacity to 60,000.

However, the project came under attack by former cricketers and others including former cricketers Arjuna Ranatunga, Roshan Mahanama and Mahela Jayawardena.


  1. What a relief. Build a New Hospital there with the money. Whoever initiated this and others who supported this are crazy dreamers with a hidden agenda.

  2. @Cricketer.

    I would not be rejoicing. The term used is suspended; not cancelled. As for “hidden agenda,” surely you are not suggesting that our “Lilly White” politicians were trying to make a quick buck. That would be totally out of character; wouldn’t it ?

    If that epitome of political integrity and self righteous indignation, Bandula, Bundurra,
    Bindulla or whatever the insignificant thief’s name is wasn’t involved; there may have been room for conjecture as to the ‘ethical motivations’ of the project. But with him involved there is no need for conjecture. There can only be absolute certainty the whole deal was rotten to the core.


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