Fresh guidelines not issued for weddings

The Ministry of Health denied claims that fresh guidelines have been issued for weddings.

Dr. Lakshman Gamlath, Deputy Director General, Environmental Health, Occupational Health and Food Safety said that guidelines issued earlier still remain.

The guidelines that were issued on 27 April 2020 on weddings to be held during the COVID-19 pandemic still remains applicable, he said.

Dr. Gamlath advised the public to obtain further details in this regard from the official website of the Ministry of Health or to contact the area Public Health Inspector or Director Health Services.

He said that there is no reason to amend the guidelines on weddings and is there is then it will be announced through the media.

As per the guidelines issued earlier, the public have been advised to postpone such gatherings if possible.

Before the event the reception hall including all furniture has to be cleaned and
disinfected and hand washing facilities must be provided at the entrance preferably with a foot or elbow operated tap and make sure that each customer washes hands before entering.

It is recommended to check the temperature of all guests entering the reception hall.

Visitors must maintain a minimum distance of 1m at all times. There must also be adequate ventilation in the hall and an open venue is preferred.

COVID control messages and the expected etiquette of guests, while inside the reception
hall must be displayed at the entrance.

Hugging and handshaking must be discouraged and non-touch greetings must be adopted.

All guests are encouraged to wear a face mask, in the correct method as described in the general guidelines.

Guest must refrain from sharing glasses, plates, spoons etc. In buffet style servings or self-service a designated staff member must be appointed to serve food, to avoid guests
handling common utensils.

Taking group photos are discouraged and at the end of the event the reception hall must be cleaned and disinfected. (Colombo Gazette)

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