Controversial Brigadier Priyanka Fernando promoted as Major General

Brigadier Priyanka Fernando, who was embroiled in controversy when he served at the Sri Lankan High Commission in London, is among those promoted to the rank of Major General today.

The Army media unit confirmed to Colombo Gazette that Brigadier Priyanka Fernando had been promoted.

Brigadier Fernando was on 4th February 2018 filmed, whilst on duty in his military uniform, making repeated cutthroat gestures to a group of protesters who were conducting a demonstration outside the Sri Lankan High Commission in London.

The victims felt intimidated by these threats and brought a Private Prosecution against Brigadier Fernando claiming the UK Police had let them down by saying he has diplomatic immunity and therefore cannot be arrested.

The Sri Lankan Government defended the Brigadier and he was later brought back to Sri L:anka.

Last December, Brigadier Priyanka Fernando of the Gemunu Watch (GW) took over duties as the new Director, Real Estate and Quartering at the Army Headquarters.

The Army announced today that Brigadier Priyanka Fernando was among five new Major Generals, four Brigadiers of the Sri Lanka Army Volunteer Force, 39 Lieutenant Colonels, 69 Majors and 60 Lieutenants of the Army. (Colombo Gazette)


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