Mahela questions decision to build another cricket stadium

Former Sri Lanka Cricket captain Mahela Jayawardena has questioned the decision to construct another international cricket stadium in the country.

Jayawardena tweeted questioning if Sri Lanka needs another stadium when existing stadiums are not fully utilised.

“We don’t even play enough international cricket or domestic first class cricket in the existing stadiums we have … Do we need another one?” Jayawardena tweeted.

Earlier today the Government announced that Sri Lanka’s biggest cricket stadium is to be constructed in Homagama.

Cabinet co-spokesman and Minister Bandula Gunawardena, Secretary to the Ministry of Urban Development Priyath Bandu Wickrama and Sri Lanka Cricket Board officials inspected the land today (Sunday) where the stadium will be constructed.

Gunawardena said that construction of the stadium, which had been suspended, will now resume.

He said that 26 acres of land has been allocated for the project at diyagama in Homagama.

The project had been initiated when Mahinda Rajapaksa was President but was later suspended.

Gunawardena said that the international cricket stadium will initially have a seating capacity of 40,000 and will be able to host day and night matches.

Under the second stage, the stadium will have an additional 20,000 seating capacity, taking the total seating capacity to 60,000. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Well said Mahela. At a time when we are facing an acute debt repayment problem, constructing another stadium with a badly congested access road is a mad idea.

  2. Are we going back to the stupid era again ? I wonder under who’s Name this is going to be ? Somebody is going to make a kill here ! Whose is trying to get rid of the land at Homagama ?
    Who is collecting the backhander ? I thought we had enough harbours, Airports, Cricket Stadiums and Towers !!!

  3. This is a Cricket international STADIUM match to see who can catch the most in their POCKETS God Bless their soul

  4. Mahela is correct. The new stadium will only make money for a few politicians getting commissions to build a mansion for them selves and not a commercially viable project. Rajapaksa politics

  5. another white elephant like “Suriyawewa”, also it might name as the GR stadium, and it will be joke among the Cricketing world.

  6. If the country can afford such a massive project, why ask people to contribute their wages to prop up the treasury ? This proposal is not in the interest of Cricket or the Country, but few individuals who wants to line their pockets. Cricket stadiums are desperately needed for the country !!! China will happily loan the money.

  7. The new one is not an cricket stadium. All comments and based on wrong news item.
    This stadium is for athletic stadium like Sugathadasa stadium. There is now room to expand Sugathadasa S.
    Do not worry about Cricket stadium. Gota will never allow for that.

  8. There has to be a way to plunder money at any expense. Bandula Gunawardena is just another MUTT. The commission’s must be good. Suriyaweva and Dambulla are drying, Kurunegala is neglected, Kethrama has been declared unsafe because of poor construction, Tyrone Fernando stadium has gone to the dogs and the need is to build a new stadium…. Aney yakko!


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