Sri Lanka demands retraction of UK Guardian Travel Quiz with reference to “Eelam”

Sri Lanka has demanded a retraction from the The Guardian newspaper in the UK after it published a Travel Quiz with reference to “Eelam”.

The Foreign Ministry said that its attention had been drawn to a quiz titled Travel quiz: do you know your islands, Man Friday?” published on the web edition of The Guardian newspaper in the United Kingdom on Friday, 15 May 2020.

The second question reads -‘Eelam is an indigenous name for which popular holiday island?’

Among the answers to this question, Sri Lanka has been listed as one of the choices and when one selects  Sri Lanka as the answer, whilst indicating it as the correct answer, a further description ‘the full name of the island’s recent military insurgency was LTTE – Liberation Tigers for Tamil Eelam’ appears.

The High Commissioner of Sri Lanka in the United Kingdom wrote to the Editor of the Guardian newspaper on the inaccuracy of this information requesting that the content be removed.

The newspaper has now removed the travel quiz. (Colombo Gazette)


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