Wakfs Board requests mosques to distribute Zakat in kind

The Wakfs Board has urged mosques in the country to ensure Zakat is collected in cash or kind but distributed only in kind during Ramadan.

In a statement issued through the Department of Muslim Religious and Cultural Affairs, the Wakfs Board said that that the poor tend to go begging house to house during Ramadan.

However, this year there is a fear house to house begging could pose the threat of spreading the coronavirus.

Therefore, all mosques have been urged to put up a mechanism to collect Zakathul Fithar in cash or kind but distribute it in kind.

Similarly zakath and Sadaqa should be collected by the mosque before the 25th or 26th and make them reach the poor households before 27th.

“If this assurance can be given by all the mosques, walking house to house could be stopped,” the Wakfs Board said.

The Wakfs Board said that this will not only help prevent the spread of the coronavirus but will also honour the Month of Ramadan. (Colombo Gazette)


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