Bail granted to Rajitha dismissed by HC

The Colombo High Court today quashed an order by the Colombo Chief Magistrate court granting bail to former Minister Rajitha Senaratna.

The Coordinating Officer to the Attorney General (AG), State Counsel Nishara Jayaratne said the bail order was quashed on an application made by the AG. 

The Colombo High Court also ordered that the suspect, former Minister Rajitha Senaratne, be remanded, she said.

In December 2019, the Attorney General instructed the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) to arrest Seneratne over a controversial ‘white van’ press briefing in November, prior to the Presidential election.

During the Presidential election campaign, Senaratane had brought before the media two men said to be drivers of a ‘white van’ used for abductions during the former Rajapaksa regime.

Rajitha Senaratne, who was later arrested and remanded, was granted bail in December 2019 by the Colombo Chief Magistrate.

However, the Attorney General in January 2020 filed a revised application in court against the court order to grant bail to Senaratne.

The Case was taken up for hearing at the Colombo High court today, where the bail order was quashed. 

Meanwhile, the Colombo Chief Magistrate today ordered the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) to produce former Minister of Health Rajitha Senaratne before courts. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. We can see that certain High Court Judges look at legal point of view of past judgment and verdicts against Dentist Rajith Senaratahana on issues of Bail out application was wrong doing by last Judgement.

    We have to maintain Law and Order of Country all mostly by fair basis for all. That is how Law of land work on. But last govt. of UNP regime of Ranil Wicks and MS + CBK has been upside-down legal order of Nation by act of political motivated intention.

    Which not only that wrong doing of law of land ,it give bad example to other citizens to that NOT to respect and accepts law of land.
    This dentist of Rajith must be punishment by according to Law of Land .

  2. But what about Udayangana weeratunge who was a fugitive for so many years and came back to Sri Lanka and now is a free man and so many like that even pardoning people who murded civilians set free is this justice and who is above the law here read into your hearts people I am not saying Min. Rajitha is good guy but the law should prevail equal to all


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