Cause of death of soldier in Dambulla under probe

By Vyshnavy Velrajh

The cause of death of a soldier in Dambulla is still under investigation, the Army said today.

The soldier died last week after collapsing at the Dambulla bus stand and bystanders refused to take him to hospital.

It was later speculated that he may have died due to an epileptic seizure.

An official from the Army Media Unit told the Colombo Gazette today (Tuesday) that the cause of death has been reported as an open verdict as of now and further investigations are underway.

He said samples of the deceased have been sent for COVID-19 testing and to ascertain any other cause of death.

The reports will thereafter be sent to the Government Analyst Department and then to the Judicial Medical Officer.

The official at the Army Media Unit added that a final decision on the cause of death will thereafter be determined. (Colombo Gazette)



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