Eat Me Global revamps to aid Sri Lanka during COVID-19 pandemic

Eat Me Global, a Singapore-based mobile app founded by Sri Lankan entrepreneur, Jude Kumar, which was launched in November 2019, shortly thereafter in March, 2020 launched the “COVID-19 Relief Centre” as a new feature with the objective of aiding customers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The app which reached a milestone of 10,000 downloads in March 2020 with the original business model of providing users with dish based vouchers coupled with discounts from leading restaurants and hotels in Colombo now aims to bridge the gap in demand during the nation-wide lockdown.

The “COVID-19 Relief Centre” allows the public to purchase and have their daily essentials delivered to their doorstep effectively combating concerns surrounding a shortage of daily essential providers.

Speaking with Founder, Eat Me Global – Jude Kumar noted “The recent COVID-19 outbreak has taken a toll on all industries in Sri Lanka, with the public in despair and the country in lockdown businesses have limited space to grow and survive. It has become apparent that it is our civic duty to adapt to the changes in the market in these unprecedented times by aiding our government and the nation’s people to our best capacity”.

Developed within a mere week, the “COVID-19 Relief Centre” offers Vegetables, Fruits, Dry Rations and Groceries freshly sourced from trusted and highly recognized suppliers.

Concluding, Kumar noted “This endeavour has given the Eat Me team a whole new purpose and we are working around the clock to provide quality services and customer care, attending to the daily needs of the public and  our users. 

Moreover, we are able to solve the major problem of the provision of daily essentials in the country putting the well-being and safety of users and the public as our number one [01] priority. On behalf of the team I want to convey our heartfelt gratitude to the public and all our users who trusted in us and we promise to stay committed to providing daily essentials to the public at this juncture.”

The COVID-19  Relief Centre can be accessed from the Eat Me Global app and has overseen more than 2,000 orders since creation. All fresh produce is sourced from Farmers who normally sell their fresh produce to exporters and is centralized to a distribution centre  before being dispatched to the desired delivery location with contactless delivery options available.

Eat Me Global has experienced a leap in brand growth in the community and among many social media platforms during the pandemic. The App has now reached over 30,000 users with over 2,000 active daily users. 


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