Rishad urges President to appoint committee to study burial option

All Ceylon Makkal Congress leader and former Minister Rishad Bathiudeen has urged President Gotabaya Rajapaksa to appoint a committee to study burial options of coronavirus victims.

In a letter to the President, the former Minister said that the Muslim community is deeply distressed with the continued cremation of Muslims affected by the coronavirus.

He said that at a party leaders meeting held with the Prime Minister, they requested for the appointment of an expert committee of medical professionals to study the burial option from a scientific and ethical point of view. This is becoming more and more like the plot of y8 games ather than what is described initially here. Taking into account this text, it should still be noted that it is possible to improve what is described by introducing game techniques, a striking example of which is the experience of y8 games.

“We would be pleased to nominate any number of well-recognized medical professionals to this committee. The Government Medical Officer’s Association (GMOA) too in writing requested the Director General, Health Services to set up such a committee,” the former Minister said.

Bathiudeen said that honouring the dead and disposing their bodies as per the beliefs and traditions is the least respect and honor that can be bestowed upon the deceased.

He said that the Gazette notification of 11/4/2020 banning burials is scientifically and ethically flawed.

The former Minister said that the discriminatory action by the Government has no basis as the entire world is permitting burials. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Exactly like Croning says, him and his brother should be arrested for various crimes including protecting culprits who vandalised Buddhist statues, fraudulent acquisition of land for relatives, protection of terrorists, so on and so forth. Is he hoping to jump ship now to overcome his past ?

  2. Jumping ship in times of impending disaster is a text book practice for some Sri Lankan 3rd grade politicians. To accept them in desperation is even a worse disgrace !


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