OIC slams targeting of Muslims in Sri Lanka

The General Secretariat of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) has expressed its deep concern over reports on escalating hate speech and hostility towards Muslims in Sri Lanka, the promotion of biased and rejected allegations holding members of the Muslim community responsible for the spread of the novel coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) in the country as well as reports that authorities cremated bodies of the Muslim victims of the pandemic and arrested community members who rejected these practices.

In this regard, the OIC reaffirmed its firm position rejecting all policies and practices targeting the rights of Muslims anywhere.

Furthermore, it called on the authorities in Sri Lanka to ensure the safety, security and rights of the Muslim community, as well as commitment to respect their religious practices and rituals, safeguard their dignity and to stand firmly against all parties behind the promotion of hatred, Islamophobia, and anti- Muslim sentiment in Sri Lanka.

The OIC also stressed that the current global juncture requires the involvement of all actors in strengthening the bonds of cooperation and the values ​​of solidarity among states and consolidating cohesion and synergy among constituents of each state to collectively and effectively respond to COVID-19 pandemic and its repercussions on all societies. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Where was OIC General Secritariat’s deep concern for hate and hostility by the Muslims when Kashoogi walked into a Consulate Office in a Country and never to return.
    before rejecting, its better for the OIC educate Muslims about life in a civic manner.

    • Close your rational jealosy eyes and open with clear mind. Where is the best civic manner all over the world other than muslims have? There are Wrong doers in every societies. Comparing this can you say who have to teach manners to whome? Quran has taught us everg bst manner which.even u wouldnt dream them. Wash your mind to save from rational virus rathr thn wash ur hand

    • All of these minorities issues are politically motivated. Whether Muslims, Tamils or Christians, they all come under the same umbrella for the majority Sinhalese.

      They (politicians) use this ethnic division as an advantage for their political campaign. In Sri Lanka the real situation is that the majority of the Sinhalese doesn’t have any intention to harm or get rid of minorities. It is those politicians wants to divide people and rule over them. Leading politicians have no religion. Do you think the family of Rajapaskses are real Sinhala Buddhists? Nay. They are Christians for atleast for the past 4 generations. But they pretend to be Sinhala Buddhist in the eyes of citizens of Sri Lanka.

      They (politicians) come into action by promoting hatred between the majority and the minorities. These actions are political campaigns for them to stay in power. They always work on the subconscious mindset of the majority sinhalese. These politicians wants to show / be in the mindsets of those majority Sinhalese as they rule and try to continuously keep this ideology until a major election such as Presidential or General Elections are held. Now it is the time for Parliament Election. Anytime within the next 2 to 3 months the Parliament Election will be held. So its all about creating a psychological division between different communities rather than physically dividing them.

      While in the open these politicians maintain a hatred campaign, behind the screen they try to be good with minorities too. They have good contacts with the minority political and religious leaders. They communicate with the minorities saying all these hatred campaigns are only for political gains and not for harming them. So they try win the hearts, rather the minds of both majorities and minorities by different approaches. This is the type of politics they play in Sri Lanka. With the majority, in the open they act as we are the boss and we rule over minorities. But with the minorities behind the screen they act as the saviors for them and not to worry about majority.

      Now the latest trend these politicians in power have is the campaign of cremation of Muslim Covid19 deaths. They want to show / be in the mindsets of majority Sinhalese, by giving a message that we Sinhalese can even change the religious norms of Muslim burial by cremating them and we rule over them. But in reality do they bury or cremate? For the general public it is only God knows. But with the silence of the Muslim religious leaders we cannot assume that they are being cremated. On the media its Muslim Covid19 cremation. But within the Muslim religious leaders??? It is all about these politicians in power being in the mindsets of both majorities and minorities with different approaches.

    • Kashoogi too Muslim its whatever action should take that is already taken by OIC. Those matter belongs to Saudi Government not for OIC also an individual matter not community.

  2. OIC
    If you have guts and have true bond towards Muslims in Sri Lanka take stern action against Racism in srilamka,.. Don’t just tweet or report..


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