Mahinda calls for discipline in thought deed and speech

Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa has called on society to resolve to be disciplined in thought deed and speech.

In a message to mark Vesak, which was accompanied with a video of his family, Rajapaksa said that this year, Sri Lanka has been compelled to mark Vesak Poya Day in a situation where Sri Lanka and the entire world is in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

He said that due to the commitment, patience and equanimity with which the people of Sri Lanka have faced this exigency, Sri Lanka is now in a position of being able to overcome the crisis.

“Hence we must mark Vesak in a manner that would not bring about a reversal in the success gained in controlling the spread of coronavirus,” he said.

The Prime Minister said that he believes curfews and health regulations do not constitute a bar to the observance of the dhamma.

“Buddhists who are heirs to a two thousand year old lifestyle steeped in the dhamma have the fortitude to observe Vesak Poya Day in the confines of their homes. Buddhists have been accustomed to illuminating and decorating their homes during Vesak. Even the present situation in the country and the world is not a bar to eschewing wrongdoing and the earning of merit,” he said.

He said that the crisis has brought home to the world, the realisation of the impermanence of things and life itself.

“The way in which this crisis can be overcome is by being disciplined in thought, deed and speech. I believe that the fortitude of the Buddhists is one key factor that has enabled us to keep this pandemic under control. Hence during Vesak this year, we should resolve to be disciplined in thought deed and speech, to cultivate equanimity and to look upon all beings and the world with Metta while seeking refuge in the Triple Gem,” the Prime Minister said. (Colombo Gazette)


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