You can give back to those who give – MAZE of LOVE

As most Sri Lankans stay home with the hope of flattening the curve, over 50,000 of our doctors and nurses have responded to the call of duty, putting themselves and their loved ones at risk of contracting the disease. While the virus has claimed the lives of over 160 healthcare workers worldwide, the unwavering determination of our healthcare workers still prevail. 

MAZE would like to show their gratitude towards the healthcare sector, by launching the “MAZE of Love” campaign to provide socks to our nurses and doctors operating the front lines. Socks are a mandatory part of the attire for all healthcare workers as it helps reduce the stress on their feet while protecting them from germs and blisters. MAZE of Love works by allowing you to donate a pack of three socks priced at Rs.550, made by MAZE to comply with the National Institute of Infectious Diseases (IDH) uniform. MAZE plans to donate 1000 pairs initially to make the lives of health care workers a little more convenient and brighter. 

Speaking on why they decided to launch this initiative Prabath Seneviratne, Founder of MAZE said, “When we initially contacted the IDH, to see if there was a way we could help, we were informed that it is mandatory for the medical staff to wear socks while at work – which meant they have to wash and keep recycling the pairs given to them or they would have to use their own money to purchase additional pairs. We saw the perfect opportunity to give back to our medical teams in a small way for their tireless efforts. With every set MAZE will be absorbing part of the cost of socks so that doctors and nurses, both male and female, can receive additional pairs. We hope everyone will join in on spreading some love and showing our gratitude through action by purchasing one, two or three sets of socks to medical teams fighting to keep us safe through this pandemic.” 

MAZE has enabled multiple donation platforms, mainly through their website where you can purchase packs of 3 socks in any quantity your prefer. You can also buy them by messaging them on WhatsApp, Facebook, or Instagram. Payments can be made via direct bank transfers, mobile wallets and credit/debit cards. 

With the closure of almost all retail businesses on the island, small business and retailers are undergoing severe losses. Through these donations, in addition to giving back to the healthcare workers, donors will also be helping to sustain local businesses and manufacturers, thereby rebuilding the Sri Lankan economy. 

MAZE is a rising local brand of high-quality socks, bringing the best of comfort and design together to make cool and comfortable socks. Each purchase of MAZE socks on their site or their retail store sees a donation, which in less than a year has raised over Rs.120,000, towards the upkeep of Prithipura Communities, a charity providing loving homes for people living with disabilities in Sri Lanka. For more information, visit or contact them through their social media platforms.



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