Soldier reported dead in Dambulla after bystanders refuse to help him

A soldier died after collapsing at the Dambulla bus stand and bystanders refused to take him to hospital.

The soldier had collapsed near the public toilet at the Dambulla bus stand and was on the ground for some 30 minutes.

Bystanders had refused to take him to hospital and witnesses said that people who tried to help were also not allowed to by others.

A toilet attendant said that the soldier had paid to use the toilet and had gone in.

He came out later and collapsed near the toilet entrance.

Several people gathered around him but did not take him to hospital.

Later a group of young men took him in a three-wheeler to hospital where he was pronounced dead. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. What a pity. The soldier was there to help and protect the people. But, what happened to him?
    Nobody bystanders helped him. This the situation prevailing all over our country. Buddhism, the path of මෛත්‍රිය, prominent religion of Sri Lanka gone to heartless racists, other three religions have deaf and blind followers. Humanity is dead. May He Rest in Peace.

  2. This soldier died because bystanders refused to help him immediately. What a selfish ‘could’nt care less’ attitude. Morons.


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