Last digit NIC rule from 11 May when curfew is in effect

The National Identity Card (NIC) rule will be in effect only from 11 May and not immediately, the Police said today.

Senior Deputy Inspector General Ajith Rohana said that business activities are expected to resume in the Western Province from 11 May.

Ajith Rohana said that anyone going for work even if there is curfew next week, can use their office identification cards or curfew passes.

However, he said that others will need to use the NIC to step out to purchase essential items or for any other urgent requirement.

“You would be expected to leave home if not for work, only to purchase urgent supplies or medicine using your NIC on the allocated days. You will also be expected to go to the nearest pharmacy or store,” he said.

Ajith Rohana said that legal action will be taken against anyone violating the rules.

Yesterday, the President’s Office said that the NIC rule will not be enforced in areas where the curfew is relaxed.

The NIC system will enable the public in areas where the curfew is in force, to step outside on selected days based on the last digits of their NICs to purchase essential items.

The NIC system which now comes into effect in areas where the curfew is in force, is as follows:

Monday                : NICs ending with digits 1 or 2

Tuesday               : NICs ending with digits 3 or 4

Wednesday           : NICs ending with digits 5 or 6

Thursday              : NICs ending with digits 7 or 8

Friday                  : NICs ending with digits 9 or 0

Meanwhile, movements to and from high risk areas will be strictly prohibited. (Colombo Gazette)


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