Three suspects arrested with narcotics

Three persons have been arrested with narcotics in the Madawala area in Walipanna.

The Police said the suspects were arrested with 1 Kg of heroin.

The 3 men were arrested during a raid conducted by officers of the Kalutara Police Division.

The Police added that the contraband is valued at over 10 million rupees.

The Police are conducting further investigations into the incident. (Colombo Gazette)



  1. Even though large volumes of narcotics have been detected on high seas and other locations, the flow of narcotics been sold to addicts seems to continue. Now that curfew and job losses have occurred, opportunities of daily paid workers are lost and the incident of crime has increased in most drug infected locations and in the neighborhood. The Kalubovila and congested areas are particularly so, and many addicts are seen roaming the streets, and in broad daylight, looting the garden produce of scared occupants with hardly any of this been properly tackled. This has the possibility of escalating into a very grave situation and likely see serious injury if not given prompt attention.

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