PM convenes meeting with old Parliament MPs

Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa has convened a meeting with the members of the old Parliament.

The Prime Minister’s Office said that the meeting has been convened for Monday, 4 May, morning.

The meeting has been convened to discuss the current situation in the country. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. I would like to asked from Primer of MR by calling OLD Parliment membres into Temple Trees what are going do ?
    Have you forgot that OLD Members of Parliment was most corrupted and incorrigible leaders in that Parliment!@ by $$$$. These membres are background as follows :
    1 Loots of UNP leaders who robbed Central Bank by UNP leaders is there.
    2 21/4 Islam terrorist attacked of killed 300 citices and 500 casualties by ISIS ,who are ideological Muslim leaders in that members of Parliment .
    3 Majority Terrorist of TNA=LTTE war mongers ,JVP south Terrorist and Muslim Congress and other Muslim members are Islam Terrorist were key leaders in that Parliment .
    4 These members who are accountability of Postpone Election in that Parliament .
    Why do wanted called such Parliment again by Mahiada Rajapakase ?


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