Disabled Army soldiers exempted from returning to service

The Sri Lanka Army has exempted certain personnel from returning to service.

The Ministry of Defence on Sunday (26) cancelled leave and short passes granted to all Officers and Other Ranks of the Tri-Services with immediate effect.

The Ministry said directives have been issued to all personnel to report to their respective camps immediately.

Commander of the Army Lieutenant General Shavendra Silva told the Colombo Gazette that fully or partially disabled Army Soldiers have been exempted from returning to service.

He said when a directive to return to service is issued, all fully or partially Army personnel placed at Abhimansalas are required to return to service.

Therefore, instructions were issued for these personnel to remain at home, the Army Commander said.

Meanwhile, Army personnel who are part of National Sports teams have also been exempted from returning to service.

Army Commander Shavendra Silva said the decision was taken on a request made by the Ministry of Sports. (Colombo Gazette)


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