Tri-forces personnel returning to duty to undergo quarantine

By Vyshnavy Velrajh

All tri- forces personnel returning to service today are to be placed under quarantine.

The Ministry of Defence yesterday cancelled leave of all tri- forces personnel and other ranks with immediate effect.

The Ministry instructed the officers to return to their respective camps or the closest camp if there is an unavailability of transportation.

Navy Media Spokesman Lieutenant Commander W.M.I.R.L Sooriyabanadara told the Colombo Gazette that among the 63 COVID-19 cases reported yesterday alone, 53 were Naval personnel.

He further said officials from the Epidemiology Unit of the Ministry of Health are currently conducting contact tracing of the Naval personnel and if necessary PCR or COVID-19 testing will be conducted on the officers.

All Naval personnel returning to duty today will be placed at quarantine centers within Naval bases across the country, and will undergo a 14- day or more quarantine period.

When contacted by the Colombo Gazette, Military Spokesman Brigadier Chandana Wickremesinghe said all Army personnel returning from leave will be placed under quarantine.

He said the officers will undergo a 14- day or more quarantine period in a number of quarantine centers across the country prior to being deployed on duty.

Meanwhile, Air Force Media Spokesman Group Captain Dushantha Wijesinghe told the Colombo Gazette that PCR or COVID-19 testing was conducted on over 30 Air Force personnel yesterday.

He said the testing was done as a precautionary measure as the officers were deployed on duty with Naval personnel.

Air Force officers returning to duty today will undergo a quarantine period of 14 or more days in a separate location.

They will be deployed on duty following the completion of their quarantine period, which is the normal procedure that has been carried out by the Air Force thus far, the Air Force Spokesman said. (Colombo Gazette)


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