Residents along Muhandiram E. D. Dabare Mawatha In Narahenpita cleared

Residents along Muhandiram E. D. Dabare Mawatha in Narahenpita have been tested and cleared as not having contracted the coronavirus.

The Ministry of Health said that one person had earlier tested positive for COVID-19 in Muhandiram E. D. Dabare Mawatha.

Director General of Health Services Dr. Anil Jasinghe said that over 100 PCR or COVID-19 tests were conducted on the remaining residents in the area yesterday after the detection of one COVID-19 patient.

He said the results of all residents have returned as “negative”, confirming that no others in the area were infected with COVID-19.

Earlier, reports were circulating on social media, stating that Matha Road, Muhandiram E. D. Dabare Mawatha, Kitulwatte Lane and Elvitigala Flats in the Narahenpita and Borella areas were under lockdown due to COVID-19 patients being detected.

However, Dr. Jasinghe clarified that only one patient had been found in Muhandiram E. D. Dabare Mawatha in Narahenpita, with PCR tests proving the remaining residents had not contracted the virus. (Colombo Gazette)


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