Government decides to continue with curfew

The Government has decided to continue with the curfew which was to be relaxed on Monday.

The decision was taken after the current situation in the country was reviewed today.

Accordingly, the curfew in the Colombo, Gampaha, Kalutara and Puttalam districts will not be relaxed on Monday 27 April and will continue till 5am on 4th May.

The President’s Media Division said that the curfew in all other districts will be relaxed at 5am on Monday 27 April and reimposed at 8pm that night. Overnight curfew in these areas will continue till 1st May.

All Government and private institutions have been allowed to resume operations from 4th May after the curfew is relaxed.

Only 1/3rd of the total workforce of each state organization such as Departments, Corporations and Boards are required to report for work.

The head of each organization should ensure that only the minimum required number of employees are called for work irrespective of the essentiality of the service it provides.

All the employees of the state sector entities who are not required to report for work in office should work from their homes. The responsibility to decide who should come to office and who should work from home lies with head of the each organization. The Head has the freedom to select a different set of employees each day.

As a measure to prevent the spread of the coronavirus the public should stop unnecessarily coming to roads and gathering at various other places, the President’s Media Division said.

Buses belonging to Sri Lanka Transport Board and railway carriages can only transport employees who are reporting for work. Civilians except those who are essentially required to report to work should remain in their homes, the President’s Media Division said.

Earlier yesterday the Police said that social distancing is being disregarded in most places, especially in public transport.

Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG) Ajith Rohana had said that the Police have been advised to educate the public on the importance of social distancing.

He urged the public, including those operating public transport to strictly adhere to the health guidelines issued by the Health Ministry.

DIG Ajith Rohana said that the Police will conduct special operations to ensure health guidelines are strictly followed.

The President’s Media Division said that COVID – 19 prevention health recommendations should strictly be adhered to during office hours, public transport and inside shops.

They include disinfection, wearing masks, washing hand from time to time and maintaining social distance.

Traveling between districts is strictly limited only to official and other essential purposes. Schools, universities, tuition classes and other education institutes and cinemas will remain closed until further notice.

If any area where the curfew has been relaxed happens to be identified as a risk village or a zone, curfew may be re-imposed limiting it only to such areas. No one will be permitted to enter or leave areas designated as isolated.

All forms of functions, pilgrimages and pleasure tours, carnivals, processions and meetings are banned until further notice. Since the congregation of people is a hindrance to the preventive measures to control the spread of the virus, the Government also requests to suspend all religious festivals.

Measures introduced by the Government during the initial stages of the spread of the virus to continuously supply essential goods and services in order to ensure an uninterrupted day-to-day life will be further strengthened. (Colombo Gazette)



  1. Very wise decision, given the number of cases are on the rise.
    I know it is very hard for people, specially for the people depend on daily income from various handy work.
    Safer than sorry!


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