Sixty Navy personnel at Welisara base contract virus

Sixty Navy personnel attached to the Welisara Navy base have now been confirmed as having contracted the coronavirus, Army Commander Lieutenant General Shavendra Silva said today.

Yesterday, 30 Navy personnel attached to the Sri Lanka Navy base in Welisara had been found to have contracted the coronavirus.

Lieutenant General Shavendra Silva said that further tests have now confirmed that 60 Navy personnel have contracted the virus.

He said that further tests are being carried out on Navy personnel from the base.

Further, the Navy made prompt action to lockdown the Welisara Naval Complex due to health concerns.

Nearly 4,000 naval personnel and their families (194 married quarters are located in the Welisara Naval Complex) have been isolated within the camp and they will be tested for the virus in accordance with the urgency to do so.

In addition, a group of identified individuals who were on leave and recognized to have had close links with the infected naval personnel have been brought back to the Navy base. (Colombo Gazette)


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