Prince Charles launches appeal to help Sri Lanka, others in South Asia

Prince Charles today launched an appeal to help Sri Lanka and other countries in South Asia affected by the coronavirus.

Charles launched the appeal on behalf of the British Asian Trust which aims to ensure that families receive the food, medicine and critical essentials they urgently need to help them survive.

The British Asian Trust noted that a year after the devastating Easter Sunday attacks, Sri Lanka again faces a threat to its way of life, one that is devastating the livelihoods of the poorest in the country.  

The British Asian Trust said the donation can help provide emergency funding for families who are struggling with even the simplest of essentials, such as food and medicine, during the COVID-19 crisis.

The Trust is working with Sarvodaya, a well established NGO in Sri Lanka operating for many years and with extensive experience of emergency response.

Sarvodaya are providing emergency financial support for food and other critical supplies during the crisis.

In a video message posted on his official Twitter account, the heir to the throne, who has recovered from Covid-19, said: “The current public health crisis is a challenge which confronts us all, in every community and in every part of the world. (Colombo Gazette)



  1. Yeah this strategy is all about giving money to the leaders, in return the leaders keep the billions of South Asians under the West, including exporting the best brains to the West. South Asians’ first enemy is not the West or China, but their own leaders.


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