Lawyers write to BASL over Hejaaz Hizbullah’s arrest

Over 150 lawyers have written to the Bar Association of Sri Lanka (BASL) with regards to, what they say is the unlawful detention and lack of access to lawyers for Attorney at Law Hejaaz Hizbullah.

In the letter, the lawyers raised deep concern as Attorneys at Law regarding the very serious situation surrounding the detention of Hejaaz Hizbullah, Attorney at Law in denial of his right to due access to legal counsel and his family.

“We believe that as the professional body entrusted with safeguarding a conducive environment for its members to engage in professional duties freely and fearlessly, the Bar Association of Sri Lanka (BASL) should take swift, effective and meaningful action where legal guarantees of its members are denied,” the letter said.

The Attorneys at Law called upon the BASL to take necessary action immediately to ensure Hizbullah’s rights are guaranteed and due process is adhered to.

They also said that Hejaaz Hizbullah has not even been produced before a Magistrate to date, in violation of the right to judicial oversight of the custody and propriety of conditions involved.

Most alarmingly, they said that Hizbullah has been denied access to his family and even lawyers except for a brief 15 minutes with an attorney at law under the scrutiny of an eavesdropping CID officer. (Colombo Gazette)

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  1. Part of some so called Lawyers income is derived from fabricating evidence to protect the lawless, rouges, murderers, scam artists,
    thugs, terrorists, etc., etc., wasting precious court’s time.

  2. Lawyers are a special species?
    professional duties is not engaged in aiding and abetting and/or concerned in any activity related to terrorism.

  3. They got their heads in the clouds. They live in a unrealistic world, expecting others to see only their point of distorted view.

  4. Lawyers also need to abide by the law of the land. They are not any superior because they practice law.

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