Muslims in Sri Lanka to begin fasting from Saturday

Muslims in Sri Lanka will begin the month of fasting from Saturday 25th April.

Today the 23rd of April 2020 it was unanimously decided to complete the month of Sha’Baan as 30 days and to commence the month of Ramazan 1441 from the evening of Friday 25th of April as reliable evidence of the sighting of the new Moon was not received today, the Colombo Grand mosque announced.

The committee gathered today amidst the COVID 19 pandemic with special arrangements.

Faris Fahmy, the General Secretary of the Colombo Grand Mosque informed this at the conference of the representatives of the Colombo Grand Mosque, All Ceylon Jemmiyathul Ulama, the Department of Muslim Religious and Cultural Affairs and Memon Hanafi Masjid. (Colombo Gazette)


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